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Cross-Country Schooling Facility in USEA Area 2

Saturday, June 29 and Sunday June 30, 2024

Opening Date: May 25

Closing Date:

Workshop includes: briefing, course-walks, Cross Country Ride (CCR) and Jump Off Ride (JOR)

  • Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (approx. Introductory to Training)

Awards and Prizes:


  • Under CCE rules, you need to wear an approved helmet and boots with heels at all times when riding, and a protective vest whenever jumping. Sleeves that cover the upper arm and pants that cover the legs are required. There are no neckwear or coat requirements or restrictions on colors or patterns.

Refund Policy:

  • By ?? – full refund less any transaction fees
  • By ?? – No refund, or refund less $20 if substitution can be made.


  • Limited Stabling available on site $40 per night, includes bedding.
  • Contact-


  • Early One Day (by April 19) $70/rider
  • Early Two Day (by April 19) $130/rider
  • Regular One Day (Apr. 20 - May 3) $75/rider
  • Regular Two Day (Apr. 20 - May 3) $140/rider
  • Late One Day (May 4 - May 10) $80/rider
  • Late Two Day (May 4 - May 10) $150/rider
  • Other Fees

    CCEA Fees: Members - $2 Non-Members - $5 Payment Processing Fee: $2.50

About CCE

The Cross Country Equestrian Association oversees the brand-new sport of Cross Country Equestrian (CCE) competition, a discipline designed to foster the accessibility of equestrian sport, encourage quality horsemanship and reward a true horse-and-rider partnership.

Look forward to training your horse.

Your schooling experience & well-being are important to us.

Encouraging atmosphere.

From green to seasoned eventers, confidence building is a priority. We provide the environment and tools to help you develop your cross-country skills.

We monitor footing.

If footing is not suitable, we will close the cross-country schooling course. Please check with us before you come.

High-quality amenities & accommodations

Traveling with your horse is stressful enough. Our facility gives you everything you need for a worry-free layover. You will have access to a variety of amenities, a neat environment for you and your horse, and friendly on-site support.