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Horse Trailer Roof Repair

Crazy Seal® authorized dealer & installation expert


Leaky horse trailer? Tired of fixing it?

We now offer a permanent solution to horse trailer roof maintenance with Crazy Seal®!

A revolutionary, DIY, fluid-applied roofing system

The secret is a simple 3-step system composed of high grade silicone that is infused with fibers. This combination creates incredible strength and versatility without sacrificing flexibility and elongation.

Crazy Seal® permanent solution to horse trailer roof maintenance

Extend the life of your horse trailer.

We offer two installation options: Full Service or DIY

Step 1

Send us photos and dimensions of your horse trailer to receive a personalized quote.

Step 2

Order your product from Crazy Seal® and enjoy free shipping if you DIY.

Step 3

Drop-off your trailer and we install your system seamlessly.

Step 4

Enjoy your 50-year warranty and never worry about leaks again!

The results speak for themselves.

Experience the difference a dry, protected trailer roof can make. 

Drag or swipe the arrows to reveal the transformations!
Before After
Before After
Trailer after it's been cleaned using Crazy Seal


This one-and-done roof repair system means you'll never have to think about repairs again!

Made in America

Guaranteed to last 50 years



“Unbelievable product!”

Don't risk ruining your investment!

It's easy and quick to install, saving you time and money!

Get in touch to schedule your free consultation.

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Crazy Seal® authorized dealer & installation expert